UI / UX Audit

UI / UX Audit

A user experience audit is the first step to taking a product to the next level. UX Cabin pinpoints improvement areas of digital product, revealing which parts of a site or application are causing headaches for users and preventing conversions.

We evaluate your site or application in three broad areas: UX best practices, UI Consistency, and User Feedback. In each of those areas, there are a myriad of micro evaluations we perform that enable us to offer improvements that are specific and actionable.

The result of the project is a report, or as we like to say, a workable plan of action! Once you have the evaluation in hand, you can either perform the improvements in house, or engage UX Cabin to implement the changes. Though most of our clients find it's easiest to engage UX Cabin for the implementation piece, it's a no pressure situation.

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