Design Sprints

Design Sprints

Tackling design challenges can feel overwhelming, but UX Cabin makes it easy. We have the process down to a science, and we'll usher you along. A Design Sprint is ideal for tackling ambiguous product and feature design, and employs a step-by-step process to accomplish big things!

The Design Sprint will help our collective team:

1. Understand. Map out the problem and pick an important area to focus. 2. Ideate. Sketch out competing solutions on paper. 3. Decide. Make decisions and turn your ideas into a testable hypothesis. 4. Prototype. Hack together a realistic prototype. 5. Test. Get feedback from real live users.

UX Cabin will usher the team through an effort to accomplish the end goal - a meaningful, human-centered design. It may go something like this:

  • To start, activity will center around understanding the problem. We will answer the question, "What are the users' pain points?". We have many tricks up our sleeves to facilitate this type of understanding, including empathy and customer journey mapping (to name a few!).
  • Next, we ideate, getting creative by sketching a number of solutions we can iterate on. We love this part!
  • After ideation, we decide on a solution and create a story board for moving forward.
  • After a decision is made, we prototype our design. It isn't perfect, but we strive for realism. The more realistic, the better the feedback we get in the next step!
  • Finally, we share our concept with real users and listen to their feedback. All of that feedback helps us prioritize our backlog to address in the next product iteration!

User-centered Design Sprints are efficient and effective, and truly consider all stakeholders. Sprints can be as short as a week if your team is available for focused sessions.

Only 12% of developed software is ever used (it's true!). The Design Sprint isn't just fast. It can save millions in development costs because it helps narrow down your minimal viable product. The Design Sprint aims for the product concept to be viable after only one sprint! We learn fast, and get products to market quicker because we are focused on the right things!